Sunday 29 December 2002

Wharf and Hillocks Mines, Derbyshire

We were put off by the CO2 warning on the lid of Water Icicle and so decided on Wharf Mine instead. We used our 45m rope for the entrance shaft and got to the bottom with only a few centimetres to spare. Unfortunately we had no rope for the next pitch so had to re-surface and mess about in Hillocks.
Keith Edwards and Dave Bowdley in Hillocks Mine

Present: DBo, KE, BM & PS

Sunday 17 November 2002

Notts Pot II, Leck Fell, Yorkshire

A scaffolded entrance shift which has to be seen to be believed, a fantastic streamway and decorations second to none make a trip into Notts II a caver's dream. Highly recommended. Thanks to Pendle Caving Club for letting us join their trip.

Keith in Curry Inlet

Present: KE, BM & PS

Saturday 9 November 2002

OFD 2, Penwyllt, Powis

Jim came out of retirement for this trip to Moonlight Chamber and surrounding passages. We then dropped down out of Cross Rift and visited Lugubrious Passage, popping back up at Shatter Pillar. Very nice passage that we don't often visit.
Keith in the pretty passages near Moonlight Chamber.

Keith looking down into Midnight Chamber.

Present: JD, KE & BM

Sunday 20 October 2002

Clive Copper Mine, Clive, Nr. Wem, North Shropshire

A MCRO rescue practice with SCMC. An ambitious scenario for the number of members who turned up involving two casualties, tight crawls and pitch hauling.

Present: DBo, KE, AS & GS

Saturday 5 October 2002

Ogof Cynnes, Llangynidr, South Wales

To slightly misquote the UK Caves Database site: "Muddy, small passages, muddy, complex and just plain muddy! For best results avoid it but if you will insist, it is best to contact another caving club."

Stuart relaxes after the trip

Jason and Stuart up to their eyes in mud

Present: SB, JC, KE & BM

Sunday 15 September 2002

Goatchurch Cavern, Burrington Combe, Mendips

A much easier cave - well within the capabilities of the party. Everyone liked the drainpipe.

Present: KE, BM & PS + Jane Edwards

Sidcot Swallet, Burrington Combe, Mendips

Over two hours to fail to complete this novice cave! Keith ended up head first down a hole and had to be pulled out by the wellies and everyone struggled to get back up the Lobster Pot.

Jane in the Lobster Pot

Jane in Boulder Chamber

Present: KE, BM & PS + Jane Edwards

Sunday 18 August 2002

Brickworks Dig, Penwyllt, South Wales

We have started piling the fill which came in from the surface into sand bags and have built a lovely retaining wall with it up in the chamber. Looks like it should work quite well. Spoil removed down to track level as far as the turn left - Graham.

Present: MB, MC, BM, EP, GS & JS.

Monday 29 July 2002

Sunday 28 July 2002

Sunday 21 July 2002

Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2, Penwyllt, South Wales

A trip for new member Pete Anstey - the Waterfall Series and the Round Trip.

Present: PA, KE, BM & PS + Richard

Sell Gill, Yorkshire

A trip to de-rig the dry way in the morning and a trip down the wet way in the afternoon with Craven PC.

Saturday 20 July 2002

Sell Gill (The Dry Way In), Yorkshire

The afternoon trip - cut short by a flash flood.

Dan Yr Ogof, Swansea Valley, South Wales

The Far North and back in a tad under 10 hours. The water levels were much lower than a fortnight ago

Paul viewing formations in the Windy Way

Paul Smithson viewing formations in the Windy Way

Paul Smithson in the Green Canal

Paul Smithson in the Green Canal

Present: KE, BM & PS + Bill (WMCEG) & Richard

Whitescar, Ingleton, Yorkshire

The morning trip.

Sunday 7 July 2002

Dan Yr Ogof, Swansea Valley, South Wales

The standard 'Round Trip' to the Rising - in via the lower series for a change.
The water in the Lakes was 'interestingly' high.
Oh, and out via the river entrance.

Present: KE & BM + Pete & Tish from WMCEG.