Sunday 13 December 2009

Ogof Draenen - Gilwern Passage

I had a call from the two doctors indicating that they would like a days caving on Saturday, to loosen them up for an orienteering regional championship on the Sunday. We met up in Luigi's as is tradition before heading up to the car park to change in the sub zero temperatures. We headed down to the entrance and had a moment or two of trepidation when we could not open the padlock, had we got the right new combination? After a bit of faffing we were in and we headed up towards Gilwern passage, through the boulder choke and into the passages beyond. We decided to have a play round in the passages in this area before we tried once more to get through the Breadfruit Boulevard duck. Alas it was still silted up and Brendan too fat to get through, so we returned taking a few photos on the way out.

Rachel in the Hearts of Olden Glory Streamway

Rachel and Richard in the Hearts of Olden Glory Streamway

Rachel in the Hearts of Olden Glory Streamway

Present: Rachel Dearden, Richard Dearden, Brendan Marris

Thursday 10 December 2009

Wolf Mountain Cave

Wolverhampton will shortly have a new cave system with approximately 300 metres of passage.  The system will be located in the newly relocated Wolf Mountain indoor climbing centre and will be open to the public early in the New Year.  Currently half of the system is in old centre and half in the new.
Brendan and Keith visited both halves of the cave and discussed Club access - especially for potential new members.
We'll arrange a Club visit early next year.