Sunday 28 September 2003

Knotlow Cavern, Near Monyash, Derbyshire

A practice SRT trip in preparation for Juniper Gulf next month saw an almost record turnout of club members.  We all descended the Climbing Shaft and proceeded along the coffin level to Four Ways Junction where bad air forced a hasty retreat.  Most then attempted the long slog back up the 210' Engine Shaft.

Mike Noble ascending the Climbing Shaft.

Seb Ballard in a coffin level.

Present: PAn, SBa, MCl, KEd, BMa, MNo & GSm

Sunday 21 September 2003

Long Rake Spar Mine at Youlgreave, Derbyshire

It had been some time since this old Spar mine had been visited, and minor details such as location of the mine, number of pitches, lengths of rope and routes had faded into distant memory. All assumed someone else knew the mine. Unfortunately someone else was sat at home with his leg in plaster.
We only had enough rope for the first two pitches and so had to return to the surface and follow the walk in level to the rake.
A few hours were spent exploring tunnels on different levels, occasionally breaking out into the stopes.

One of the levels.

Present: SBa, MCl, BMa, Epo & GSm

Sunday 14 September 2003

Brickworks Dig, Penwyllt, South Wales

A very tired (from the previous day's caving and walking) digging team cleared a lot of the infill from the pile by the dig face. BMa & GSm took the first underground shift and KEd & ASt the second one.
The rift straight ahead shows no signs of opening out lower down. The right-hand rift still needs further investigation.

Present: MBo, KEd, BMa, GSm, JSm & ASt

Saturday 13 September 2003

Pant Mawr Pot, South Wales

We'd forgotten a) how long the walk is and b) just how pretty the cave is.  We used SRT to descend the entrance pitch (SBa's first SRT trip) and two brave souls (Ked & BMa) explored part of the Fire Hydrant series.
Seb Ballard in the Chapel.

Present:  SBa, KEd, BMa, GSm, JSm & ASt

Saturday 6 September 2003

Rescue Practice, Wet Sink, Gloucestershire

The Gloucester Cave Rescue Group hosted this practice from the end of East Stream Passage in Wet Sink.  EPo, MCl and GSm went underground on the first stretcher party whilst JSm wandered about in the hell hole of a field bathed in sunshine talking on the Heyphone.  This was followed by a great barbecue. Great Forest hospitality as ever.

Present:  MCl, EPo, GSm & JSm