Sunday 21 March 2004

OFD 2, Penwyllt, South Wales

A leisurely trip to Chasm Passage via a new route and back to Salubrious Streamway via the Labyrinth.

Mike Cavanagh by Top Entrance

Present:  MCa, JDu, KEd, BMa, JSm & ASt.

Saturday 20 March 2004

OFD 2, Penwyllt, South Wales

A trip to Northern Lights, a first for all of the members of the party.  A fantastic area of the cave and one we shall be visiting again.

Seb Ballard in Northern Lights

Present:  SBa, JCa, KEd, CJe & BMa.

OFD 2, Penwyllt, South Wales

A photographic trip incorporating a gentle meander around Top Entrance and also being Jim's return to caving after his enforced layoff.

Present:  JDu, JSm & ASt.

Sunday 7 March 2004

Ogof Draenen, Pwll Du, South Wales

We managed to get to Rifleman's Chamber at the end of the streamway.  The streamway is not too impressive, but the dig in Rifleman's is! This is a full scale mining operation, on the surface it would be impressive, over two hours into a cave it is amazing.

Present:  BMa & PSm.