Sunday 30 April 2006

OFD2, Penwyllt, South Wales

A Bank Holiday trip to the famous Columns and then out via the Labyrinth and the Trident and Judge.
Del in Column Hall in OFD II.

Present: MCl, KEd, BMa, EPo, JRa, DRo & DeWi + Guests

Saturday 22 April 2006

Giants Hole, Castleton, Derbyshire

The standard round trip with out that many deviations (we only got lost once or twice).  There was a fair amount of water in the system, due to the volume of rain they had had in the area over the past few days.  The only real problem we had was that after we had de-rigged the ladder pitch on the way out, it was observed that the tackle bag was still at the bottom of the pitch - oh dear someone has to go down again!

Present: ACr, AGr & MWa

Thursday 20 April 2006

Daren Cilau, Llangattock, South Wales

A trip to the Antlers taking in Urchin Oxbow and White Company on the way.  We also had a look at Man in the Roof.  Chris thoroughly enjoyed his first visit to this notorious system although tales of people trapped by their legs in the Vice did cause a just little nervousness.

PresentKEd & CWe

Sunday 9 April 2006

OFD2, Penwyllt, South Wales

For Mark's first trip I decided to head up to Top Waterfall rather than just the tourist routes in Top. He coped quite well, seemed to enjoy it and will be joining as a provisional member.
Mark in the OFD II streamway heading to Top Waterfall.

Mark in the OFD II streamway heading to Top Waterfall.

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Present: BMa, MRo & CWe

Hunters Lodge Inn Sink, Priddy, Mendips

A lazy start to the morning, followed by a crawl under the Hunters pub thanks to J'Rat and team's hard work during Foot and Mouth disease. This is an interesting cave with plenty of formations, significant bone discoveries and is very handy for pre and post trip liquid refreshments. 

Present: MCl, EPo, DeWi, DaWi

Saturday 1 April 2006

Ogof Draenen, Pwll Du, South Wales

A trip to the Waterfall Series - highly recommended, but certainly not a novice trip.

Dave in Knees up Mother Brown.

Gypsum flowers in the Waterfall Series.

Colin views aragonite formations in Seventh Heaven Chamber

Aragonite formations in Seventh Heaven Chamber

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Present: KEd, CJe, BMa, CWe & DaWi