Saturday 29 November 2003

Notts Pot II, Leck Fell, Yorkshire

A scaffolded entrance shift which has to be seen to be believed, a fantastic streamway and decorations second to none make a trip into Notts II a caver's dream.  Highly recommended.  Thanks to the West Midlands Cave Exploration Group for letting us share their permit.

Vlad the Impaler and Andrew Cross in the Main Streamway.

Martyn Barrett and Andrew Cross in the Main Streamway.

Brendan Marris in Curry Inlet.

Present:  MBa, ACr, KE, BM & PS + Colin, Fenella & Tom from WMCEG

Saturday 8 November 2003

Ogof Craig A Ffynnon, South Wales

A pleasant trip to the Promised Land taking in the sights and side passages as we went in. The rigging of the Promised Land pitch was as interesting as we had been advised. A few pictures of the formations were taken before we looked at our watches and realised we were near then end of the Promised Land and five hours into the trip! A quick exit was made and 8 hours after starting out emerged to see the night sky lit up with fireworks.

Seb Ballard at the Pagoda, Promised Land.

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Present:  SBa, CJe & BMa