Sunday 31 August 2003

Ogof Cnwc, Llangattock Escarpment, South Wales

A photographic trip into Busman's Holiday.

Seb and Clive in Busman's Holiday

Present:  SBa & BMa + CHa and CWe from WMCEG

Saturday 9 August 2003

P8, Sparrowpit, Derbyshire

To Sump One in very dry conditions.  The first time I had done the second stream pitch.  Left the ammo box at the bottom and had to go back down.  Seb showed Brendan and me up on the climbs - not a wise thing for novices to do!

Present:  SBa, BMa & KEd + Ambar, Bill, Mark, Paul & Jenny from WMCEG

Sunday 3 August 2003

OFD 1, Penwyllt, South Wales

The Round Trip plus Boulder Chamber and the Waterfall Series as an introduction to caving for new member Seb.

Present:  SBa, DBo, JDu, JEd & KEd