Wednesday 28 December 2005

Ogof Gelynnen/Ogof Capel, Clydach Gorge, South Wales

Ogof Gelynenn now connects to the far side of sump 2 in Ogof Capel making the system accessible to those of us who prefer to keep our heads above water.  However this still leaves the Ogof Capel boulder choke to be negotiated and all of us didn't like the look of it so opted for an early exit and afternoon tea in Luigi's.

PresentKEd, BMa & CWe

Ogof Nant Rhin, Clydach Gorge, South Wales

A cave renowned for having a profusion of formations and a very tight entrance series.  The resurgence has now been dug out making the cave more accessible.  It's still not a roomy cave, but is worth visiting to look at the formations - see below.

Chris Webb in the Garden of Delights.

Chris Webb at the PF formations.

Keith Edwards approaching the Garden of Delights.

Chris Webb in the Garden of Delights.

PresentKEd, BMa & CWe

Saturday 10 December 2005

Wharf Mine, Derbyshire

SRT practice for Chris.  We had intended to do the climbing shaft and had packed the rope for this, but when we arrived at the mine another group was about to set off to do this.  A swift change of plan ensued and we decided to do the engine shaft.  Unfortunately we needed a 50m rope and the longest club rope we had was was 45m.  However Brendan had thoughtfully packed 50m of 9mm rope so the trip was on.

Remind me never to to use 9mm rope again!!!!!!

Chris in one of the passages that lead off from the Engine Shaft.

PresentKEd, BMa & CWe