Saturday 24 February 2007

Manor Farm Swallet, Mendip

A wet trip into Manor Farm Swallet, Mendip which was curtailed due to the amount of water just after the curtain in Curtain Chamber when we reached the climbs at Fluted Pot. Still feeling enthusiastic, we went and cleaned our kit in Swildons with a quick trip to the Twenty and back. 

The Team: EmPo, MiCl & StWa

Tunnel Cave, Tunnel Cave, Swansea Valley Area, South Wales

This replaced the rained off intended trip to the main streamway in OFD and was organised as a SRT training trip for Del and Mark. After walking up hill to the cave Keith realised he had left the cave key in his car! Nevertheless 1/2 hour later we were ready to descend. This meant that the trip was shorter than intended and we didn't get as far as the show cave door.

Derek on the traverse in Tunnel Cave Top Entrance.

Derek on the traverse in Tunnel Cave Top Entrance.

Chris on the Calcite slope in Tunnel Cave Top Entrance.

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The Team: KeEd, BrMa, DeRo, MaRo & ChWe