Saturday 25 September 2004

Brickworks Dig, Penwyllt, South Wales

One of the most successful dig weekends ever.  Much of the weekend was spent scaffolding and stabilising the area before the final right turn, but we still managed to remove 105 buckets of in-fill and add another six feet to the length of the system.

Present:  MBo, KEd, BMa, JSm & ASt

Sunday 19 September 2004

Agen Allwedd, Llangattock Escarpment, South Wales

A five and a half hour trip taking in the Music Hall, the Cliffs of Dover and the top end of Southern Stream Passage.  Some time was spent taking photographs in the main passage.

The Main Passage in Agen Allwedd.

See more photos of Agen Allwedd here.

Present:  PAn, JEd, KEd, AGr, BMa & MNo

Sunday 12 September 2004

Miss Grace's Lane Swallet, Near Chepstow

A five and a half hour trip in this relatively new Forest discovery consisting of a 30 metre dug out entrance shaft, a maze of interconnected domed chambers, dog-tooth crystals and a complex labyrinth of  tall vertical rifts.  Amazing!

Keith Edwards negotiating the rifts.

Present:  MCl, KEd, BMa & EPo + Paul Taylor and Gareth Jones

Sunday 5 September 2004

Saturday 4 September 2004

GB Cavern, Charterhouse, Mendips Saturday

A photographic trip to the big chamber.

Emma and Mike in the Main Chamber.

Present:  MCl, BMa & EPo