Sunday 26 June 2005

Whitescar - Yorkshire Weekend

A trip to dip our toes in the sump, with some entertainment watching Chris negotiate the muddy climb up to the straw gallery.

Mike Clayton in the Whitescar streamway.

Present: MCl, BMa, EPo, GSm & CWe

Saturday 25 June 2005

Sell Gill - Yorkshire Weekend

In via the Dry Way due to the unsettled weather conditions. A nice introduction to SRT for Chris. Water levels were low considering the recent rain.

Chris Webb, Emma Porter and Mike Clayton at the First Pitch.

Graham Smith on the Second Pitch.

Present: MCl, BMa, EPo, GSm & CWe

Saturday 11 June 2005

Brickworks Dig, Penwyllt, South Wales

More progress has been made with about 10 feet of passage added to the system and the first "air space" discovered in the whole 19 year history of the dig.  See the Dig Page for more details.

The dig face showing airspace above.

The Dig Team: MCa (Sun only), KEd, BMa, MNo & ASt