Sunday 26 April 2009

Pwll Y Pasg, Llangattock Escarpment, South Wales

A trip to explore some of the lesser visited caves. The cave is located in a shakehole and is formed just below the gritstone cover. Most passages are wide and flat so most of the progress involved crawling. The passage runs below an adjacent shakehole where we had to dig our way around the run in to find the further passages. We aborted our visit to the lower passages due to the sharp nature of the rock and our desire to protect our ropes.

Keith in the bedding plane crawls

Keith in Lost Pasage

The team: KeEd & BrMa

More photos of Pwll Y Pasg
can be viewed here

Sunday 5 April 2009

Brickworks Dig, Penwyllt, South Wales

A very successful weekend. The dig is now almost 3 metres longer and about a metre deeper.
More details on the dig page.

Heather - a sunstroke casualty

Del being rescued by Steve

The dig team: KeEd, BrMa, DeRo, HeSi, JoSm, GrSm & StWa (Sat. only) + Roger as tea-maker