Saturday 31 May 2003

Swildons Hole, Priddy, Mendips

A trip to sump one.
There wasn't one drop of water going in the entrance.

Present:  PA, AG & MN + Sarah (AG's niece)

Sunday 25 May 2003

Ogof Draenen, Pwll Du, South Wales

An 8 hour route finding trip in preparation for a later visit to the pretties in the Dollimore Series.

The Snowball formation.

Keith Edwards viewing the Snowball formation.

Present:  KE & BM

Sunday 11 May 2003

Cova De Sa Campana, Mallorca

Looking down the entrance pitch to the First Chamber.

Looking up from the first chamber to the entrance.

Present: JC, JD & BM

Box Mines, Bath and Goat Church, Burrington Combe

A quick trip was arranged to see if Box Mines was still open, and thankfully it still is, but work has started to gate off the back door entrance
A nice walk to the wind tunnel via the two shafts and finally out via the Cathedral..... and yes we did get lost!

Present:  PA, PB, AG & MN

Saturday 3 May 2003

Oxlow Caverns, Derbyshire

Had a nice day out with Jim and Jason on Saturday, visiting cafes, tea shops, garden centres, book shops and tackle shops, we even managed to fit in a couple of hours underground.

We spent our time underground practicing rigging, hauling and generally rearranging our SRT rigs.

Present: JC, JD & BM