Wednesday 30 July 2003

Cwmorthin Slate Mine

A nice walk around Cwmorthin Slate Mine to see if Mike could remember the route after his recent visit with Shropshire C.C.. Lucky for us he remembered most of it but I have yet to see the canteen.

The team.

Present:  PAn, AGr & MNo

Sunday 27 July 2003

Box Mines, Bath

A well-preserved crane.

Present:  MBa, RBr, MCl, BMa, EPo and others

Wednesday 23 July 2003

Otter Hole, Chepstow

The following team assisted in the rescue of an injured caver from this system.

 Dave Bowdley on the phone at the cave entrance.

Muddy gear courtesy of Otter's famous entrance series.

Present:  DBo, MCl, KEd, EPo, GSm & JSm

Saturday 19 July 2003

Sidetrack Cave, Eldon Hill Quarry, Derbyshire

A lovely three hour trip in a newly discovered classic Derbyshire cave.  For those who had the opportunity and decided not to take it, you missed a good trip.  We must go back and take some more photos.

Keith Edwards viewing some of the formations.

Keith Edwards viewing some of the formations.

Keith Edwards viewing some of the formations.

Keith Edwards viewing some of the formations.

Present:  KEd & BMa

Sunday 13 July 2003

Brickworks Dig, Penwyllt, South Wales

More remedial work on dig.  All of the infill from the collapse has now been cleared and the floor re-exposed in the side passage below the railway track.  We are ready now for the push forward.

John Smith clearing the side passage.

Keith Edwards in the side passage.

Present:  RBr, KEd, BMa, ASt, GSm & JSm

Saturday 12 July 2003

OFD 2, Penwyllt, South Wales

A meander around Top Entrance mainly for the benefit of Andy and new member Mike Noble.  A good time was had by all until Mr. Smith decided to take the party across the top of ArĂȘte Chamber!

Present:  AGr, ASt, MNo & JSm

Dan Yr Ogof, Swansea Valley, South Wales

The standard Round Trip to The Rising to re-acquaint Graham with the system.  Water levels were very low.

Keith in a phreatic passage just after the Lakes.

Present:  KEd, BMa & GSm