Sunday 22 February 2004

Eastwater Cavern, Priddy, Somerset

Another 'Brendan Marris Classic Cave', a real collectors item, consisting of boulders, boulders and more boulders, steeply inclined highly polished bedding planes and small crawling arduous connecting passages.  Another one to tick off me thinks!

Present:  SBa, KEd & BMa.

Sunday 15 February 2004

Sidetrack Cave, Eldon Hill Quarry, Derbyshire

Hats of to Mike Cavanagh.  Is there no stopping this man?  He asked to go into Sidetrack Cave and doubts were expressed about its suitability for cavers of larger than average build.
The tight entrance crawl is certainly not for the claustrophobic, however the cave itself is well worth all the effort it takes to see the formations and maybe one day we shall return - or maybe not!

Present:  PAnMCa & AGr.

Saturday 7 February 2004

Ogof Draenen, Pwll Du, South Wales

First we went and did the Waterfall Series, then Wonder Bra bypass to Lamb and Fox ChamberIndiana Highway to Raiders Passage, but didn't go too far because of the bats.  Did some side passages off Lamb and Fox, then down the main drag to Tea Junction and then Gilwern Passage - did everything we did two weeks ago and went a little bit further. Finally we went down the Main Streamway for an half and hour before returning to Cairn Chamber via the short cut. All in six and a half hours.

Seb Ballard in the Hearts of Olden Glory Streamway.

Seb Ballard at Tea Junction.

Present:  SBa & BMa.

Sunday 1 February 2004

St. Cuthbert's Swallet, Priddy, Somerset

Due to high water conditions a two and a half hour trip blast around this complex and beautifully decorated system was all that could be done.

Present:  MCl, KEd, EPo, PLi & BMa.