Sunday 28 August 2005

Mines near Lavrio

We accepted an invitation by our Greek hosts to a visit of the abandoned mines near Lavrio on the southern tip of Greece. We saw only a fraction of the 500+ km of passages rich in a variety of mineral deposits.

Emma in Lavrio Mine.

Emma in Lavrio Mine.

Present: MCl, BMa & EPo + 4 members of the Helenic Spelelogical Society

Thursday 25 August 2005

Lord Byron's Cave

Route finding in this large chamber cave was made difficult by the amount of formations. This is a cave with a long history of exploration and habitation including Lord Byron who was reputed to have become lost in the cave for 3 days.

Emma and Rene in Lord Byron's Cave.

Present: MCl, BMa & EPo + Cara Allinson (SMCC), members of Spelo Club Du Liban & Georgos our Greek guide

Wednesday 24 August 2005

Kapsia Cave

A trip by the Greek Ministry of Tourism to a showcave under construction. A cave that was once used for the committal of human remains, allowing the annual floods to wash the remains deep into the system. Human bones are found in several places in this upper well decorated chamber now being transformed into a show cave.

Work in progress to turn this into a showcave.

Present: MCl, BMa & EPo

Tuesday 23 August 2005

Agia Triada

A superb stream cave on Evia the second largest of the Greek Islands. The cave was entered through the resurgence at the Church of Agia Triada. After a series of traverses in a high rift passage a superb streamway was encountered, the emerald green water cutting its way through metamorphic limestone.

Hadi on the traverses.

Hadi in the marble streamway.

Emma in the Marble streamway.

Mike in front of the impressive formations.

Present: MCl, BMa & EPo + Cara Allinson (SMCC) & Hadi (Speleo Club Du Liban)

Sunday 21 August 2005

14th International Congress of Speleology Athens - Kalamos

A smaller Congress than previous years was held in the costal resort of Ag Agpostoli near Kalamos from 21st to 27th August. Delegates from 54 countries were joined by a group of about 25 cavers from the UK. Being in a Karst landscape, there was some opportunity to do some caving as well as attend the presentations.

Sunrise over Ag Agpostoli.

Present: MCl, BMa & EPo 

Sunday 14 August 2005

Banwell Bone Cave and Stalactite Cave, Banwell, Mendips

While visiting the bone cave we entered the Stalactite cave also on the same site. Both caves uniquely are under an impressive home. We were requested not to enter the final boulder choke as it lies directly under the owners Pantry!

Emma Porter in Banwell Bone cave.

Emma, Mike and Chris in Banwell Stalactite Cave.

Present: MCl, BMa, EPo & CWe

Saturday 13 August 2005

Swan Mine, Mendips

A late afternoon trip into these well preserved stone workings followed by a meal and a pint in the conveniently located pub 30 yards from the entrance.

Emma Porter and Mike Wilson in one of the main routes.

Mike Wilson by a long abandoned crane.

Present:  MCl, BMa, EPo & CWe + Mike Wilson (BEC) & Arthur Champion (CPC)

Saturday 6 August 2005

Swildons Hole, Priddy, Mendips

A trip to the sump and back as a sporting introduction to caving for Emma's work Colleagues.

Present: MCl, BMa & EPo + Mike Wilson (BEC), Duncan (SMCC) & 3 members from Emma's place of work