Saturday 29 November 2003

Notts Pot II, Leck Fell, Yorkshire

A scaffolded entrance shift which has to be seen to be believed, a fantastic streamway and decorations second to none make a trip into Notts II a caver's dream.  Highly recommended.  Thanks to the West Midlands Cave Exploration Group for letting us share their permit.

Vlad the Impaler and Andrew Cross in the Main Streamway.

Martyn Barrett and Andrew Cross in the Main Streamway.

Brendan Marris in Curry Inlet.

Present:  MBa, ACr, KE, BM & PS + Colin, Fenella & Tom from WMCEG

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  1. I've been in this one but had no camera. It's great and the shaft is fun - but some of those welsh caves look totally fabulous!