Sunday 4 June 2006

Caves of the River Neath Valley, Breconshire

Little Neath River Cave 
A trip on a very warm day through the canal to the second sump and returning via the canal bypass. The warmth of the water entering the cave filled the passages with fog, somewhat spoiling the splendour of some of the larger river passage. 

Chris viewing the formations in Canal Bypass.

Cwm Pwll y Rhyd 
A trip down the valley to the lesser caves started with a short foray into Cwm Pwll y Rhyd, but the smell of decaying matter soon forced our retreat. 

White Lady 
A short trip in one entrance and out the other, some nice limestone in such a short section of cave 

Town Drain 
A quick trip to the end and back in this very linear cave. some impressive scalloped limestone passage in the first 100m or so. Will be back with the camera. 

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Present: BMa & CWe

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