Saturday 26 August 2006

Swinsto Hole, Yorkshire

Despite taking 1 hour to set the ladder at the cave exit, a successful and pleasant trip. Swinsto hole starts with a pleasant short pitch, but is soon followed by around a 1000 ft crawl in water. We developed a system, Mike C rigged, I carried the rope to the pitch head and Emma removed the rope behind us and passed it forwards. All went well until around the fourth pitch. When the knot in the bottom of the rope was not undone before starting to pull it up, fortunately this was noticed when the knot was only 12 ft from the floor, although under the waterfall. Despite fears of cutting the rope, it was recovered by climbing the pitch and being lowered on the rope. 

Present: MCl, ACr & EPo + Cara Allison (TSG), Mike Wilson (BEC) & Zot (BEC)

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