Saturday 30 September 2006

Brickworks Dig, Penwyllt, South Wales

At the dig face nearly all of the in-fill from the 'lost' roof of the passage had slumped in revealing back space in the ceiling. After some digging we were able to climb up into this. The passage here is around ten feet high. Ahead appears to be the continuation of the chocked narrow rift, above is a 4 inch square hole in the roof which is another inlet, but to the left is (as we suspected from last time) another passage and the in-fill does not go quite up to roof level - more black space! We can see about six feet along this passage before it appears to turn right again. This is a very interesting area.

For more details of the weekend see the Dig Page.

The Dig Team:  MCa, KEd, BMa (Sat only), DRo, GSm (Sat & first 15mins of Sun only), JSm & ASt

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