Saturday 16 December 2006

Iles Inlet, Agen Allwedd, Llangattock Escarpment, South Wales

A long and arduous trip taking in most of the length of Southern Stream Passage which had to be negotiated in both directions. We wasted a lot of time trying to find the way into Priory Road as our written laminated route description has suffered from water ingress and was virtually unreadable, and the survey seemed to imply that we should climb up above the stream and find a passage on the right. The route is actually much easier but requires a fair amount of hands and knees crawling. Eventually three members of the team got to see the formations in Trafalgar Passage but with two members left behind in separate locations we ran out of time and were forced to exit without taking any photographs. A rash decision was taken to abandon the photographic gear in the cave and to return during the week after Christmas to find Corkscrew Chamber and take the photos. A very tired team, regretting the decision to ditch the photographic gear emerged after ten and a quarter hours underground. 

The Team: AnCr, KeEd, CoJe, BrMa & ChWe

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