Monday 9 April 2007

Caving on the Gower

The day started with a full English cooked breakfast at Penwyllt promptly at 10:00am. 
The three then embarked to the Gower in glorious sunshine for a fun packed action day. We stopped off at the farm house to ask permission to visit Llethryd Swallet and after a little searching found the farmer feeding his pigs. We changed and headed for the cave. We had found a classic........ Several minutes were taken to dig away the winter flood debris from around the gate. We then spent half an hour trying to open the cave without luck. 

In final desperation we tried the key for the second location of the day - Tooth cave, the keys were on the wrong fob and we were at last able to enter. A route down through boulders (not unlike Eastwater) followed, until were were able to join the stream and follow it in its route through large boulders. Finally in water creeping with shrimp like creatures we reached the "duck" - impossible to get through without treating as a sump. I went first and check this was indeed the way on. Alas no one wanted to follow me, and so we resolved to turn around and go on to the second cave. Unfortunately the way back through the duck is much worse in the reverse direction and required going through backwards, not very nice. 

A short stroll in the sunshine took us to the second target - Tooth cave, here we found that nether key fitted the lock, so we had to abandon the days caving on Gower. 

To save the day we returned to Penwyllt and did a quick round trip in OFD1 (1 hour 30 minutes)

The Team: BrMa, MaRo & ChWe

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