Wednesday 29 August 2007

Eldon Hole, Derbyshire

This was arranged as a SRT training trip for Mr Webb, who unfortunately couldn't make it on the day - something called 'work' got in the way. Marris and Edwards decided to carry on anyway as we both needed to do some shopping for new shinny caving gear as well as needing to bush up our SRT skills. We descended the main shaft and also ascended the inner chamber, but decided against ascending Damocles Rift. Brendan rigged and de-rigged which meant that Keith got to use his camera! You will notice that Brendan is sporting his new caving helmet and speleo lighting system. Keith is sporting his new over-suit but as Brendan is a less experienced photographer than Keith he seems to have got him in silhouette!

Brendan on the descent of the West Wall.

Keith Edwards on the ascent.

The Team: KeEd & BrMa

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