Sunday 10 February 2008

Dan Yr Ogof, Swansea Valley, South Wales

The aim of the this trip was to explore areas of the cave none of us had visited before. Initially we were going to head for Bog Passage - a large passage on the right when heading for The Rising. On the way in Brendan wanted to experiment with underwater lighting in the Green Canal. This involved the other two members of the team freezing their private parts off as model and lighting technician while the photographer experimented with different exposures and lighting effects. What we do for his art! Still the result shows quite clearly that the Green Canal is in fact green. After this we got diverted and went off the explore Tunnel 2 - a very interesting area of the cave with a number of un-surveyed passages and a good draft. We will return to explore this region further. Finally we made it to Bog Passage where loads more photos were taken before heading out back through the Green Canal. As we approached Boulder Chamber I saw a trickle of water emerging from Lavatory Dan and while explaining about this phenomenon to Del it started flowing full bore. Without waiting to draw breath Brendan whipped his equipment out again and started flashing. You can see the results on the right - Del does not look impressed!

Del with Lavatory Dan in full flow.

Del in Bog Passage.

Del in the Green Canal.

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The Team: KeEd, BrMa & DeRo

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