Saturday 22 November 2008

Giants Hole Round Trip

This trip was originally arranged for a friend of mine, but unfortunately he couldn’t come. So that left me all alone with three women, luckily I had been caving with them in the past so I knew what to expect and we all had a good laugh. Now for some reason Heather and Jess decided to duck down into the water going threw the vice, which seemed a bit strange to me as they aren’t exactly on the large side, and we all got a good soaking as Jess came down the steel ladder and the water sprayed off her back which set us all off laughing again. Now the rope climbs were fairly amusing, especially as Heather's “dangly bits” (her tackle bag) got tangled up in the hand line making it a bit awkward for her to stand up at the top, and the water level in the wind pipe was fairly low so there was no danger of drowning in there either. The calcite boss on the traverse was a bit off fun, watching them all come through head first, staring straight down to the water below, with an anxious look on there faces. That was it then, just the ladder to go and we where out, now have a guess whose “dangly bits” got in the way again at the top of the pitch, while I was there getting soaked making sure she was safe on the life line. Not to worry it was all good fun……. 

The Team: AnGr, JeHa, HeSi & MeWa

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  1. my name is luke rogers --
    when i was a kid .. im 46 now George Cooper used to take me caving and somtimes climbing .. caves in derbyshire P8 etc / caves in southern ireland ... big staligtites etc .... George was pretty cool .. o and also Giants hole ? ?