Sunday 21 March 2010


Well this was a hastely aranged trip for Jessica, after she had emailed me asking for a trip for her and her friend Mark, so I arranged a novice trip into P8 providing that she led, and did all the rigging, and that Mell and myself only went along to observe.
So we met up in the usual place (Morrisons) at Buxton and headed off to P8, now the weather was poor, it was raining, and I was a little concerned over the water levels, but the entrance wasn't taking much more water than it usualy does for this time of year, so we continued with the trip.
Now the rigging by Jess took a little longer than I had anticipated, due to the fact that even though Jess had been caving for a good few years now, she had never had to do any rigging, so she was having to learn on the job so to say, with me yelling at her as usual, but she managed to lifeline every one down and back up saftely, even though some of us (Me for one) where getting absolutly froze from standing around while she went through every stage of what she had to do in her head before doing it.
Not to worry we all have to learn, and doing it on the mill is totaly different to being in a cave with water spraying all over you and a force 10 gale blowing in your face while stood waiting at the bottom of the pitches, and poor Mark came down the second pitch with the water pouring straight down his neck, much to Jess and my amusement.

Present: Mark, JH, MW, AG (report)

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