Monday 5 July 2010

Ogof Fawr & Some Familiar Faces

I had bumped into Carol and Graham a couple of weeks ago at SWCC and we agreed to meet up for a trip a couple of weeks later. On the Saturday I was tied up with a trip into DYO and they went off to look for Ogof Gofan in Pembrokeshire.
On Sunday we headed off for an early trip so we could all get back at a reasonable time. We parked up at Cwm Cadlan and headed across the moor to Ogof Fawr, where a large stream disappears into a very large shakehole. Since my last visit a new dry entrance has been dug, and we took advantage of the shorter dry route into the cave.

Carol in the lower main chamber on top of the collapsed boulders.

Once in the cave we headed down picking up the stream and heading into the Lower Main Chamber where we took a few photos before heading along the main passage. We stopped off at a set of formations that you have to traverse past as you head into the cave. 

Carol traversing past formations in the main passage.

Graham in the main passage.

Further into the cave we made a detour to photograph a pretty dried up crystal pool in one of the side passages. From here we progressed a little further, but our early departure meant we missed going to the bitter end of the cave.

A dried up crystal pool in a side passage off the main route.

Carol and Graham on their way out of the cave.

Once out of the cave we found that the hill was now covered in a thick mist and we headed back to the cars through the drizzle, taking a rather longer route than we did on the way to the cave due to the lack of visibility.

Present: Brendan Marris, Carol Northall, Graham Coates

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