Saturday 27 November 2010

OFD 2 to Top Waterfall

The original plan was for a trip into Wetsink with Rachel, Richard plus Dominik and Brendan. Unfortunately Rachel was suffering from a rather bad and persistent cold, so it left only Dominik and Brendan. The weather on Friday night was very snowy in the Midlands, so on Saturday morning the trip looked decidedly shakey. Setting off from Leicester in deep snow the going got better as Redditch was reached and from there we headed off south. With only two in the party we decided against a trip with tackle and so headed off to OFD for a trip up the streamway to Top Waterfall. The snow was fairly light in South Wales and we headed up the hill with a chill wind in our faces. Once in the cave we took the tourist route down to Maypole Inlet taking in the major sights as we went. We took a slightly different route on climb on the climb down Maypole Inlet that proved somewhat easier than the normal climb down. We took a short stomp downstream to the cascades before heading upstream to Top Waterfall.

Dominik on the way down the hill after the trip.

Present Dominik Mokrzecki, Brendan Marris

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