Sunday 13 March 2011

Giant's Hole - The Vice Squad

Following a mini revisit to a white winter we all met at the elite eatery of 'Mo R Risson' renowned for its pastries, pies and well more pies, and may well have been my demise later on!!
After conducting alfresco quick change it was down the hole, but without my knee pads; and how I paying the price now.
The trip to the pitch was pleasant and going down the pitch was interesting!
Then the meandering of cosy passages commenced leading to the first tight spot which was assisted by Wal's shoulders, followed by the extremely tight and proved to be impassable spot for myself and Mark - Barrel Chests don't compress too well!
After much tugging and trampling on Wals' shoulder again it was the end of the trip and back out Giants Hole with Mark and Jess. Mark was non-too impressed!!!
Coming out into sunshine and abusive god4bids was like stepping back to South Armagh in the 80's - sorry flash back..
Overall it was a great day with wonderful company.


The Team: Brendan Marris, Dea Wilkins, Gary Chapman, Jessica Harding, Keith Edwards, Mark Burkey, Sinead Herlihy and Steve Wallis.

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