Sunday 15 April 2012

OCAF - North-West Inlet - Wet One Number 2

After being suitably lubricated in Shakespeare's Cave we headed up the road to Ogof Craig A Ffynnon and to North-West Inlet where we could be assured of a real soaking. Water levels were low so there was plenty of airspace for those who appreciate the occasional breathe of air, but it was still up to our necks for most of the group. The wet bit goes on for quite a distance before the passage widens and the water levels drop. That special Craig A Ffynnon mud then replaces the water as we headed past some quite nice formations until we reached a massive boulder choke. Climbing the massive spoil pile we reached the end of the track of the railway dig, which was followed until the track ended and the route forwards was through boulders. Thoroughly covered in mud we headed back out taking a few photos of the dig and the formations in this passage.
With all objectives met on this well planned and well attended trip we called in at a Beefeater on the way back for food, refreshments and to meet with Rachel and Richard who had being running marathons up mountains.

Jessica at the entrance to North-West Inlet.

Mark at the big jawed teethy monster formation.

Mel at the end of the line - OCAF Railway Dig.

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Jessica "Soaking Wet" Harding
Mark "Dripping Wet" Burkey
Brendan "Wet Dream" Marris
Andy "Slippery When Wet" Grimes
Mel "Mostly Moist" Wakeman
Wal "Wet Behind the Ears" Wallis
Keith "Face Like a Wet Weekend" Edwards

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