Saturday 28 July 2012

Ofd 1 Round Trip

Promising Ian a club trip it was decided that the round trip in OFD 1 would be a good introduction. Meeting at the burger van for the customary breakfast bap we headed of to SWCC to kit up and head down the hill.

Ian at the formations in Roundabout Chamber

Jess took the lead for this trip and we were soon climbing down at the step and hopping across the pots to Lowe's climb. After pausing for the pretty formations we moved swiftly through the upper series to Pi chamber, on to the bolt traverses and through the escape route, dropping back in to the stream we made our way out via Pluto's bath and finished the day with a plod back up the hill. On our way we met a group of Duke of Edinburgh students who wanted to know if we'd been climbing! Would have thought the head lamps, yellow PVC suits and wellies would have been a clue, but I guess the youth of today must use very different climbing gear to in my day.
(must be getting old ;)

Jess at the bolt traverses

Present: Jessica Harding, Ian Millward & Mark Burkey

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