Saturday 1 September 2012

Dan Yr Ogof - 100th Anniversary

This year marked the 100th Anniversary of the Morgan Brothers first exploration of the dry passages of Dan Yr Ogof. To mark this auspicious occasion Ashford Price and the Showcave management laid on a party at the showcaves with live music, hog roast beer and a spectacular firework display to finish off the evening. Somehow even the weather was laid on and a fine day allowed a caving trip to proceed the outdoor events in the evening.

We set of on a standard round trip and Mark had not been in the cave and Jess had not gone through the long crawl on her only visit. Our trip was slow as Keith was taking some more video footage and Brendan was taking a few photos. We missed out visiting the Rising to ensure we were out for our call out time and to change for the evenings events.

Jess at the Candlewax Formations

Jess at the Candlewax Formations

After a spruce up at the caving club we returned to be greeted by dinosaurs and a warm welcome by Ashford.

Beer was drunk, dancing was avoided, and the roasted pig was eaten before we headed to the vantage point on the track to view the spectacular firework display that rounded off the evening.

Present: Brendan Marris, Keith Edwards, Jessica Harding and Mark Burkey

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