Monday 29 October 2012

Oxlow and Maskhill - NO - Wharf and Hillocks

Well there we all where sat in morrisons waiting for the new lads to arrive so that we could do an exchange trip between Oxlow and Maskhill, when we got a phone call "we shall be a little late" so we sat there drinking yet more cups of tea, and we waited and we waited , suddenly thay arrived "you cant have breakfast get your ar*e into gear we are off" so we headed off at warp factor 2 hoping we could still get into Maskhill without another party being there, but it wasnt to be. So a quick conflab was needed and we agreed to go to Wharf and Hillocks to do an exchange trip there . Now this turned out even better as far as i was concerned as we could split the new lads up and give them an entrance each to rig, Ben was sent into the oildrum entrance, Grant down the engine shaft and Carl was sent down the climbing shft with me casting a beady eye over his rigging, now i didnt expect them to get it perfect as thay new thay were being tested, but thay did ok and we all got down to the bottem safely and did the exchange to come out, Ben derriged the climbing shaft, Grant derriged the oil drum entrance and Carl drew the short straw and had to derrig the engine shaft, all 200 feet of it. Well done lads all you need now is a new alarm clock to arrive on time.

 Report Andy Grimes

Present:  Andy Grimes,Ben,Carl, Grant, Mell Wakemen,Mark Burky, Jess Harding, Brendon Marris, Keith Edwards Graham Smith

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