Thursday 22 November 2012

Images from the Past

These old photos were sent to me by ex DCC member Ray Watson. Can anyone help identify the 'characters' and locations?
The one is entitled 'Canal'. Obviously in the Dudley Mines, but which one and where?
'Exhibition'. Who, where and when? Can anyone supply the details?
John Smith taking photographs on a trip down Wrens Nest circa 1977
OFD 2 Top Entrance. Who and when was this taken?
Somewhere in OFD.
Rescue Shropshire. Where? Also lots of people to identify.
Roger exiting a Shropshire lead mine circa 1977. Any further details?
Shropshire. Any ideas?
Yorkshire. Any ideas?
Unknown. Who? Where?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Keef

    The first photo may be in the well, dont know who it is.

    The handsome fellow in the fetching white boiler suit is none other then my goodself. Cicra 1974 - the poly suits were cheap from Caving Supplies.

    The late Kevin Healy is at top entrance.

    The tubs were at Snailbeach, Roger plus ?

    A youthful Big Bill Oakes of course, but not sure where. I recall doing a trip into Lost Johns with him and his gang, but if it is daylight lit then that is not LJ as I recall it.