Sunday 21 April 2013

Nedd Fechan Caves - A Bridge Too Far

Cave 1 - Bridge Cave
The first cave of the day was Bridge Cave, were we spent a little time exploring the small passages above the rock bridge at the end of the cave.

West Passage - Bridge Cave
Loz in West Passage - Bridge Cave.

Cave 2 - Pwll Y Rhyd
A cave I had not visited before, but as it was dry we dropped down into the giant chasm that is Pwll Y Rhyd. From here we explored all the dry passages on each side of the pot. A cave that we will return to to take some photos including exploring the low gravel floored crawls that lead to the other side of the White Lady Sump.

North Side - Pwll Y Rhyd
Loz in north section of Pwll Y Rhyd.

Cave 3 - White Lady Cave
A quick trip into White Lady cave - heading down to the sump and then returning via the higher level passage.

White Lady Cave
Formations in White Lady Cave.

Cave 4 - Town Drain
A trip to the end of the cave, plus a little while spent exploring the inlet passage and then exiting via the smaller of the entrances that pops out directly opposite the main entrance to White Lady Cave.

Shower Inlet - Town Drain
Shower inlet in Town Drain Cave.

Exiting Town Drain Cave
Loz exiting Town Drain Cave.

After leaving Town Drain we headed downstream along the gorge for some distance before heading up the bank and taking the footpath above back to the cars.

Present: Mark Burkey, Loz Appleby and Brendan Marris

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