Sunday 28 July 2013

Giants Hole , Bring your own flippers

Well I new from the start that this trip may not go ahead, due to the fact that we have had a long dry spell and the ground had become rock hard, so any rain we would have wouldn't be able to soak into the ground, it would flow straight into the streams and rivers, and guess what its poured down for the last two days.
So on arriving at the car park for Giants I wasn't surprised to see a pond, but we all got changed and headed off to the entrance, hmm streams flowing well into the entrance, not looking good ,
sump one had started to back up towards the blasted passage - definitely not looking good,
on through the blasted passage we went, then  met the "Guinness" full width across the passage and flowing quiet well and the roar from Garlands Pot was horrendous,
we got to garlands and it was like a mini Niagara falls , a quick look over the edge revealed about two foot of water in the pot, hmmm going to be sporting down the Crabwalk -" DING" sensible head kicked in - I have novices with me time to get out.

So that was that and off to Carlswark Cavern we went, where I used slings and belts to fabricate harnesses so that I could lower everyone down Eyam Shaft on a fig of eight, we had a short play in there for an hour, then i showed everyone where the resurgence entrance was, but that was now under about two feet of water.
To end our short caving day I sent the novices off into Merlins Mine to have a wonder around all by themselves, while I got changed and has a nice cup of tea ... in the pouring  rain.

Present: Andy, Mell, Becca, Tango Man Phil, and Rain maker Ian

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