Monday 25 November 2013

Giants Hole group one

With a large number of people from the club wanting to join this trip it was decided to split the group into two parties, Mark to lead one, and I the other, I had decided to do the round trip beings I had a novice with me.
The day started off great with  peter and myself actually finding where Amy ( now renamed as Fred) lived, so we loaded up and set off for the peaks only to be tolled 10 minuets later that Amy had forgoten her wellies , so a quick ride back to Amy's to pick up the wellies.
we made good time to the car park at giants and where pleased to find that the others had only just arrived (apart from Ben).
A quick change and my group where soon off into giants where Pete and Josh played in the upper series near the entrance while  the rest of us slowly  made our way down garlands pot and through the crabwalk,the first rope climb came and went where Amy had a  helping hand  to make life easier , the second rope climb came and Amy was given another helping hand, then I suddenly realised I was going to have a go at starting the syphon at valentines sump for Mark but had forgot - ho well not to worry he will soon realise, we had a quick look into the connection with Oxlow and Steve found out its not advisable to go in head first as its difficult to back yourself out, next came the windpipe witch gave us all a wet ear. At the traverse I had already made a decision to lower Amy down in a harness to prevent any unforeseen problems, I followed her down while Steve and Jess carried on across the traverse, then it was just a short stomp back to the ladder and out for a nice cup of tea and await the second groups exit before heading off to the pub

Present : Andy g, Steve w, Jess b, Amy s, Peter a, Josh a

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