Saturday 7 December 2013

A trip to Neil Moss Chamber Peak Cavern

After having to divert because of a road closure Jess and I arrived quarter of an hour late at Mr Grimes place to find him sitting in the car waiting. 
Fortunately it was a clear run and we made good time to the Chapel arriving at 9.05 to find Ben and Loz already there and waiting.
We headed off at around 10 to a very festive looking show cave entrance and were soon sliding our way down toward Five Arches and on through the Mucky Ducks to the start of Pickerings passage.
We made short work of the crawl before sliding over the block and on through the ‘Eye Hole’ slot and slippery rope climbs.
A final chilly, waist deep pool, and we had arrived in Neil Moss Chamber.
Jess looking good as ever as she navigates the 'Eye Hole'
Loz at the stunning calcite formations in Neil Moss Chamber
The team in front of the tube where Neil Moss is Entombed
Ben and I continued on with me getting firmly wedged as usual. Ben slipped through with ease and checked out the final chamber to see if it was worth me fighting my way through, but (fortunately) there were no rewards worthy of the efforts and bruised ribs, so we re-joined the group to take a few pictures. I managed to persuade Ben and Loz to hang around in the pool at the bottom of the chamber for a final picture before heading back.  
Some people just don't know how to suffer for my art…..Ben stop shaking you're making it hard to focus!
The challenges all seemed easier on the return and we were soon heading off to Surprise View and down the ladder to check out Buxton water Sump. Andy then led Ben and Loz toward Lake Passage whilst Jess and I took a couple more pictures before stomping along the stream way to catch up with the others. Missing the climb up we were at Boulder Hall before we released we had gone too far and about faced.
This time Andy spotted the way to the passage but was most disappointed when the sump turned out to be a rather spacious duck!
With all our objectives completed we headed out for a well-deserved cuppa and chat with the locals. 
A great day out, many thanks to Andy for leading it.

Jess in a very low main stream way

Present: Andy Grimes, Loz Appleby, Ben Marklew, Jessica Burkey & Mark Burkey

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