Sunday 2 March 2014

A gentle day out in the peaks

After spending weeks and weeks training people the basics on the mill id decided it was time for Amy and Josh to put it in to practise for real, so a trip to Jug holes and Carlswalk was arranged.
Jug holes was our first destination as the entrance shaft is only a few feet from a lower entrance so if they didn't fancy the abseil they could just walk in, Amy was first to try and actually entered the shaft a lot quicker than she or I had wanted almost giving me a heart attack, she had lost her footing while lowering herself in -its a good job people listen when you tell them they HAVE TO USE COWSTAILS for safety.
So after a few abseil practices while Pete and Josh played in the shaft, Amy was encouraged to find her own way through the system with the odd prompt from myself.
After lunch I wanted to find Old Ash mine beings it was less than a mile from Jug holes which didn't take to long to find, then we where off to carlswalk cavern to enter via Eyam shaft which Amy and Josh found easier than jug holes to absail into, at the base of the shaft it was decided just to do the short through trip beings Pete was only wearing normal clothes under his over suit ( ha ha ha ha) so I led with Pete at the back threatening to kill me when we reached the large puddles ( needless to say I went slowly through them so that he received the full effect of the water ) then all to quickly we where out and it was time to get changed and head off home.
Well done Josh and Amy for there first attempt at rope work in a cave ,I think both will agree its a lot easier on the windmill.

Present Andy G, Pete A, Josh A and Amy S

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