Sunday 14 September 2014

Craig.A.Ffynnon.......who's he then?

After a early get up I endured a lovely 2 hour drive to whitewalls hut not knowing wat cave I was going 2 go in to, either following or leading I wasn't bothered (kind ov raring 2 go at this point)lol....

Finally meeting up wiv the team, we all split in 2 groups 2 do other caves..
Brendan decided 2 see if he cud get the key to a the cave as been closed for the past 18 months because of rock fall n movement ova the entrance,  so when we were offered the chance to go to Craig a Ffynnon we jumped at the chance..."The quicker we get in the quicker we get out"
(1 enthusiastic caver at 9 in the morn lol)..
We drove the short way down the old heads of the valley road and got changed near the old lime kilns before heading up 2 the entrance. There was indeed piles of fresh rock around the entrance and the boulders above the entrance did look as if a light breeze may move them.
Quickly we made our way in and were soon making our way through pretty decorated chambers, wet and cold pools in Gasoline Alley, and through the scaffold boulder choke. The climb to the 2nd choke has two ropes and steel plates and is an easy climb. The 2nd choke is like a swim through rock and you emerge in to a muddy hell hole (lol) filled passage before crawling through to a massive gour filled passage to the Hall of The Mountain King.

After bypassing the 3rd choke via a smooth calcite flat out squeeze we then continued on through Seven passage...After crawling for half an hour (it always seems longer wen ur doing it) we regained larger passage and we were soon scrambling through the fourth boulder choke...We took a quick look at the pitch to the promised land before moving on to have a poke around the final choke....On the way out we stopped off to take a look at the pretties in Helictite passage and made our way out taking photo’s as we went.

Brendan ravaged suit..Not to sure wat happened eya..did sum cave dwelling monster av him???

Team raring 2 go..

ermm I not 2 sure wat he's thinking hear lol.

Mark n jess on the scaffold boulder choke

wicked trip,muddy as hell..never going caving agen,until the nxt time..

Trip report and photos: Carl Knott

Present: Carl Knott, Loz Appleby, Mark Burkey, Jess Burkey, Chloe Burney and Brendan Marris

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