Sunday 17 May 2015

A Priddy Good Trip In To Reservoir Hole For The Captains Number 1 Fan

As all of us at Dudley know, Keith is 'Captain' Chris Bindings Number 1 fan, so it was hardly surprising that when a chance to visit Reservoir Hole, on a trip led by Mr. Binding, came up Keith was the first to sign up.

We started our day with a Priddy good breakfast at the farm shop. Keith wouldn't sit still throughout breakfast and I just knew that there was a chance that he was going to be a very naughty boy if he didn't learn to contain his excitement, so he was sent to the little boys room whilst I sorted my kit out of the van and in to Brendan's car.

The girls were off to have a play in Balch Cave, so we waved them off with instructions to meet us in the gorge at 4pm with cake ;)

We arrived on time to find Mr Binding already changing...Keith began bouncing on his chair and Brendan had to give him a very stern look before he calmed down enough to let him out of the car.
We swiftly changed and made our way up to the entrance, this is a very unassuming metal plate that gives no inkling of the size of passage that lay below.

We made our way through to moon milk chamber, Topless Aven (Again Keith was restrained from stripping off and shouting 'Chris, Chris......I'm topless too........!!!') and up Golgotha Rift.

Brendan lit the rift from below whilst Keith, Chris and Myself climbed up to the decorated ledge to marvel at the view.
On our way back down Chris explained the safest way down a climb, but Keith shouted 'look at me Chris', and Tarzan swung down, bouncing around at Mr Binding's feet.

On we went crawling down slope to the pitch head where we rigged a couple of ladders and were confronted with the awesome Frozen Deep.
I hadn't realised until we were on our way to the cave, but Brendan had forgone taking his camera on this occasion and loaded his peli-case with flashguns in anticipation of the spectacular chamber.
We took a couple of shots of the rift section before continuing through the lower section of the chamber. Chris was great, not only a font of knowledge throughout the trip, but the way he handled Mr Edwards was nothing short of Saintly.
Again I was allowed on our way out to take a shot or two of the formations before we headed back up the pitch and made our way back to daylight.
Mr Binding made some excuse about having to get off, Brendan and I exchanged a knowing glance as we watched Keith waving his idol off. Just then the girls turned up with cake as promised.

As I got in to the van I could hear Keith in the front of Brendan's car chattering away.......Chris said this, Chris said that, My mate Chris said............Poor Brendan, it must have been a very long journey home for him ;)

Present: Keith Edwards, Brendan Marris, Mark Burkey & The Great Chris Binding

All Photo's Lit by Flashguns Supplied by Mr Brendan Marris

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