Sunday 12 July 2015

Who Ate All The Pies?.......This Little Piggy Did The Swildon's Hole Round Trip

For Sunday’s trip we had Myself, Jess, Chloe, and Mark Burgess  in attendance. Ian deciding that one day’s fun was enough for one weekend. 
Our original plan had been a very sedate pootle in Singing River Mine, but as we sat having a Priddy good breakfast other plans were hatched and a Swildon’s round trip was decided upon.

Jess led and we were soon making our way in to a surprisingly dry entrance series to the head of the twenty foot pot where Jess rigged and life lined us down. 
We took Barnes loop in and paused for a quick photo on the way through before heading up Tratman’s Temple where again we stopped for a photo opportunity. Here we stashed the camera gear to speed our progress through the aqueous sections to come.

Jess had no problem navigating through St Paul’s series, Paradise Regained and the Troubles, with only a short navigational blip in St Pauls where she headed for a dig. 
No one had any problems getting up the Greasy Chimney or through the Double troubles.

At the unnamed squeeze I quickly realised that I would need to get back on the diet and had been indeed eating far too many pies of late. With Jess and Mark wedged behind to push off and Chloe ahead to pull they eventually managed to assist me through, though not before I managed to dislocate my toe pushing off the rock. 
On the other side, the Wellie was removed, my first aid training was invoked as I applied traction and popped said big toe back in place. This would prove something of a hindrance as it began to bruise and swell, and the others would keep having to wait for me as I hopped my way up the many cascades.

After sliding down The Landing we got to the Wookie Hole sign where Chloe pointed out sump one to an unsure looking Mark Burgess. Somehow we had managed to neglect to tell him there would be a short free dive on the trip. Although a little uncertain he plunged through with no bother.

Fortunately for me we exited in time for  a couple of pints (purely medicinal) of Pot Holer in the beer tents before heading off. 

I once said on another trip report that this trip requires both guts and determination, though a little less gut would ensure a much easier trip......back on the diet for me! 

Mark Burgess in Barne's Loop

Jess and Chloe at Tratman's Temple

Present: Jess Burkey, Mark Burgess, Chloe Burney and Mark Burkey

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