Saturday 8 April 2017

P8 Jackpot my first trip as a leader

We started the day by meeting at mine for 7am and heading off to Morrison's in Buxton for breakfast. We then headed down to the parking for p8, we set off with srt kit, ropes for srt and two ladders. After I led the way across to the entrance with a little help from Andy, in we went. We all made it past idiots leap without incident and towards the first pitch. I rigged the ladder pitch for Ollie and myself , while Andy rigged the srt traverse pitch and headed off up to the upper sections. ollie and myself carried on down the streamway to the second pitch, which we completed with out any problem. We then headed down the lower streamway passage where I headed to the first sump, then came back and headed up the crawl on the left towards the rest of the streamway, Got to the streamway then came back and went up and to the right and headed for mud hall, we eventualy came back to the second pitch climbed up and derigged. We then headed back to near the first pitch and headed back up and over the streamway into the upper sections where andy had sat waiting for us and was  keeping an eye on us, we then headed to stalagmite grotto which ends in a calcite choke, we then went  back and over to Steve's passage, then back to the first pitch. While Ollie climbed the ladder, I came up the srt traverse rope and out.

We then drove down the road to have a look at where giants and a few other caves are such as oxlow and nettle pot etc. We then Stopped off at one of Andy's old friends for a cupp and a catch up, then on the way  back home we stopt at  the milestone pub for a quick pint before going our seperate ways.

All in all a nice little trip in which no cavers where harmed in the undertaking and Andy said theres no reason why i cant lead a group in on my own  in the future ,

  present: Kay, Andy g, and ollie.

Trip report by kay 

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