Saturday 21 October 2017

Fairy Quarry Caves

We had arranged to meet at the priddy good cafe at 9:30am so of we went, there was myself Liz, Tony, and Dave, we were meeting Kermit for a nice big breakfast, after breakfast we all headed of to the Fairy Quarry for some underground fun.
We got changed and I led the way to Shatter, where I struggled for a few minutes to get the gate open, but after a few mins we were in, so in I go and sign the sign in book with our names and date and off we head further into the dark.
First we came to Canopy Chamber but I couldn’t remember that’s what it was called, next it was Diesel Chamber, with every new part of the cave we came to Kermit said   “where are we now Kay”   to which I replied I don’t know. So further into the cave we go past Erratic Rift and past the Tor Hall, through Pisa Chamber to where Kermit’s favourite part of the cave lies, the angel wing, after Liz had took a couple photos on her gopro we headed up into the Ring Road, which I went straight past the climb up so Kermit pointed it out and up we went.
We then went through to the Pillar Chamber which is absolutely stunning with the white floor and big pillars, we looked at the crawl to the end of the cave and decided not to head down there, instead we headed to the Z squeeze, I went through first so I could show the others how to get down, and off we headed towards the exit, back through all the chambers and passageways, all with Kermit asking   “And where are we now Kay”   I could remember some of them but not all I remembered Frozen Niagara Falls and Pisa Chamber but couldn’t remember the others but hey ho, we made it out and headed into W/L.
We headed into W/L to go and see the original Lilly Pads which we had seen the ones in Shatter so off we went into the deep again to see the wonders that lie beneath the ground, after we had been in and found them which I walked straight past them, ( I really need to open my eyes more ) we then headed out and over to Fernhill.
Fernhill is a circle man made shaft down to a ledge and you use a static ladder to get down to it and another one to reach the bottom of the shaft this is a very short cave but has some really spectacular curtains, which I think are really pretty because they have got loads of different colours in them, after we had spent a couple minutes we headed back out and on pulling up the ladder it got caught on the fixed ladder so down I went to get it untangled so we could pull it up.
After we had all got changed we stopped of at a pub for a quick drink as we were a little bit early for the pub meal we had booked in the Queen Victoria so Kermit headed of to the Wessex to give Mark and Keith a lift to there talk, and Liz, Tony, Dave and myself headed to the Queen Vic for our meal and Kermit meet us there at half 6, we had very nice meals and all headed home.
And Nobody Died Or Nothing.
Signing off


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