Friday 23 February 2018

Daring cavers delve into UK's tightest, deepest and darkest spaces - Could you handle it?

I'm nearly famous

On 30th January I got an email from Newsflare who thought they might be able to sell one of my videos - Caver Stuck in The Lobster Pot, Sidcot Swallet. It sold twice, to Right This Minute and MSM. The videos did the rounds of social media and then on 5th February this message arrived via the Dudley Caving Club Facebook page.

"Hi there, I'm a reporter at the Birmingham Mail, would love to run a story about what you guys do and the amazing footage you have inside the caves, would that be at all possible? Thank you, Stephanie"

Several messages and a phone interview later this article appeared in the Birmingham Mail.

To date the article has been shared 96 times via the Birmingham Mail website. It has also resulted in one potential new recruit to the caving club.


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