Saturday 6 July 2019

The Joy of Caving

I’m often asked why I go caving and the answer is, “Where else could one have as much fun as this?”
Filmed during a trip to Northern Lights in Ogof Ffynnon Ddu, South Wales on Saturday 6th July 2019.
It's of Mark in yet another tight space and this one, for extra comfort of the participant and added viewing pleasure, is also a little damp. For even more more spectator enjoyment Mark gets his camera case wedged. What the viewer will not be aware of is that I had to go through first to set up my video camera and my box (which is identical to Mark's) got jammed in exactly the same place and there was no one to help me, but also no one to record the incident.

The complete video of the trip will be uploaded in a few weeks.

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