Monday 29 August 2022

Back in mid August we (Bartek & Paulina) set of on 21hrs journey to northern Spain. After uneventful drive, quick shopping we were ready for a hike to the Ario Refugio to join the second part of Ario Caves Project Expedition 2022. First part of the expedition, which Mark Burkey can spell some detail about, was focused on the rebolting and rigging of Cabeza Muxa cave with the purpose of dive in the terminal sump. Once we arrived the derigging of Muxa already started however we had a chance to experience the 600m deep ''entrance'' series of it. The cave drops down immediately from it's entrance via a series of abseils to about -300m level, where the pitch called Gran Abisu starts - a mere 250m of abseiling, followed by another 100m pitch. This almost all vertical section of the cave lands a happy cavers at the -600m level where we stayed overnight in a cosy camp set up just by the main streamway level. 

Lisa Wootton almost on the bottom of Gran Abisu
Lisa Wootton & Paulina half way down Gran Abisu
Lisa Wootton & Paulina on the approach to Gran Abisu
Phil Baker, Tony Seddon & Paulina in the camp

During the rest of the expedition we visited few more local caves with the purpose of preparation for the next season and further explorations.

27/9 cave

We also spend many nights stargazing, many evenings admiring the sunsets and majestic summits poking through the clouds. All this was spiced with a bit of a wild life and some mad-tent-eating cows. 


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