Sunday 23 October 2022

''Back to caving'' weekend at White Walls for few members of Dudley Caving Club. Five of us booked the White Walls CC with the plan to do a trip to Aggy. After excellent breakfast at Luigi's in Abergavenny we set of for a steady trip. This was lead by Firas, suffering from a dodgy knee, accompanied by ever cheerful Grandad Graham, happy chappies Dave, Bartek and chapess Paulina. We made a quick progress through the entrance series with significant number of audible grunts by some members of the party. 

Graham in entrance series

The progress was even faster as we entered the wider passage of Baron Chamber and towards the Main Passage. After negotiating 2nd Boulder Choke we eventually got to the slippery part of the Main Stream Passage where the dancing started. 

Graham & Dave in the Main Stream Passage

Negotiating 2nd Boulder Choke

Our turn around point was the Northwest Junction, but we managed to go on for a bit towards the Turkey Junction. On the way out, after even more funky dances on the slippy streamway bed, we had enough time to visit Main Passage all the way to Music Hall. 

In the Main Passage

After all night of rain, next day we had a pleasant wet trip to Eglwys Faen where few pictures were taken. 

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