Saturday 9 December 2023

Dudley Christmas Trip: GB

To the tune of 'I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas'

We were dreaming of a white Christmas:
But snow was nowhere to be found.
The weather was raining
(Bringing much complaining)
So the Dudley sought for solace underground.

Mourning the muddying of our white Christmas
The Dudley went down deep into GB.
The streamway was gushing
Through the Gorge, a’rushing -
And o’er stals were twinkling merrily.

Not really looking for a white Christmas,
When what should we chance to find?
But a passage iced in white
A wondrous festive sight
A frosted scene quite perfectly defined!

This subterranean white Christmas,
Was not made of glistening snow:
The sparkling whiteness
Of pristine brightness
Was formed of the finest calcite flow

Cheered by discovering our white Christmas
GB gave us one more treat:
The sump was draining
With foam flurries remaining
Up the walls to a height of nine feet.

So if you’re searching for a white Christmas
Underground you should convene:
For snow is overrated,
Too cold and rather dated:
Calcite makes the better yuletide scene.

Trip Report by: Anne Bell
Photos by: Bartek Biela
Cavers: Ian, Bartek, Firas, Dave B, Anne, Jon & Nick

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