Sunday 11 February 2024

OFD 2 to The Trident and Judge

Just inside the Labyrinth

The day started at Luigi’s cafe at 9:00 there was a big breakfast to fill me up for the cave ahead. After we finished up for breakfast we drove an hour to the caving club here is where we were greeted by Asha, our caving companion to help us for the trip ahead. We got changed and geared up. The hardest part was up climbing the hill -this would be easy if it was not for the massive warm fluffy suit I was wearing. As we unlocked the door to the cave, light filled the dark gloomy passage as moths flew from out of it.

We entered the passage with our head torches on, as we walked further into the cave system we spotted the Wedding Cake, this is a beautiful rock formation, the sight of the cake gleamed at me in my torch light and made me hungry! The pot hole was up next, we got helped down this hole to what looked like a 30 metre drop down next to it. This was not a trip for the faint-hearted as we traversed, crawled and climbed, but it was all worth it to see The Judge. My torch light brought out colours I had never seen before. This was not some dirty old rock, this was beautiful. Pinks, purples and reds had been illuminated by my light.  Next was The Trident, this was a huge stalactite with lots of pointy ends. Here is where we had are half way break.  

The way out must be the easiest, but in fact it was the hardest. After resting your body aches and you cannot be bothered to go on yet you still persevere, you go on and as soon as you see the exit your eyes light up brighter than any torch glad of the fact of you didn’t get lost as the sun light filled my face my heart began to play a tune of resting and tiredness.

PS. This was so much fun. Please can you take me again. Finn your favourite grandson.

The Trident
The Judge

A crystal pool in Salubrious Streamway

Traversing in Salubrious

Traversing in Salubrious

Glad to be out

Let me out!

The Team

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